There are various other wallpapers depending on the design and use of materials in Making of it.

Some popular designer wallpapers are: –

  • Floral wallpaper.
  • Bridges Wallpaper.
  • Paintings wallpaper.
  • Skyscraper Wallpaper.
  • Oceans and Beaches Wallpaper.
  • Religion wallpaper.
  • Sports wallpaper.
  • Waterfall wallpaper.
  • Travel wallpaper.
  • Maps wallpaper.
  • Music wallpaper.
  • Geometric wallpaper.
  • Explosive Walls Wallpaper.
  • Children’s wallpaper.
  • Zen & Spa Wallpaper.
  • Wildlife wallpaper.
  • Vehicles and Transportation Wallpaper.
  • Stripes and Lines Wallpaper.
  • Business concept wallpaper.
  • Outer space wallpaper.

Abstract Wallpaper :- This wallpaper has an abstract design and can be made with normal wallpaper material or as a digital wallpaper.

D’Decor Wallpaper :- We also trade and stock D’Decor wallpaper, which has a collection of texture wallpaper etc.

Fiberglass Wallpaper :- Fiberglass wallpapers are fire retardant and also washable. They are rarely used compared to other wallpapers.

Note :- We make any Customize Wallpaper as per the Design or Requirement.